Dove Self Esteem Project

One of my favorite social campaign is Dove’s Self Esteem Project. The campaign is spread-out to many countries and has started since 2004. This campaign helped me value myself better. I have also started to be less critical about myself and think more positively about myself and people around me.  I used to be really insecure about my appearance until I saw one video from this campaign. The video is called “Real Beauty Sketches“, it proves that other people do not perceive you as bad as you do. After watching the video, it came into my mind that I am my biggest hater, which is depressing… However since then, I’ve learnt to appreciate and enhance what I have.

The campaign is about providing girls and women throughout the world confidence and support to unfold their full potential. Women are being held back by society’s beauty standards that media fed them. It has become normal for women to be judgemental and critical towards their own physical appearance, making it one of the biggest factors that brings down their confidence and boost their anxiety. In Indonesia, Dove has held workshops, mentoring in schools, and provide online resources for parents. They also work alongside with small communities to global communities.

Dove believes that women are beautiful the way they are, and beauty should not be a competition or a downer, it should be a source of power that all women already have within them. This is why Dove never use models that conform to society’s beauty standard. They use women of all age, all skin colors, and all types of beauty they already possess.



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