Display Advertising and Customer Acquisition


Display advertising is a part of ATL (above the line) advertising and internet marketing. To be more specific, it is a part of online advertising. Display advertising has different means of communicating (video, audio, text, images, etc). It has developed since the existence of internet, the first display advertising was a simple banner ads. However, we have different types of display advertising and platforms for it. Banner ads, pop ups, video ads, content sponsorships, paid searches (SEO), and social media ads are some types of display advertising that are used by marketers today.

Examples :


Pop ups



Social Media and Video Advertising



Social Media Advertising



Banner Ads



Customer acquisition means to get/acquire new customers to buy/consume the product/service that are offered. There are some methods to do this. The methods may vary depending on the target market and the product/service itself. Customer acquisition is really important for new businesses and new launched products. It is the first step to build and develop the market. This explains why new products often have discounts or interesting promotion, the  marketers want to obtain new customers and simulate the target to try the product.

Examples :

  • Grab (transportation app) gives free charge for new users’ first ride
  • Shoppee (online shop app) gives 30% promo code for first users
  • Forever 21 (clothing store) held a big sale when they first open in West Jakarta