Analysis on The Body Shop Indonesia’s Website

For this assignment I choose to analyze The Body Shop Indonesia’s website

When you first go to , you will be greeted by a subscription banner on the center of the page. The objective of this banner is to stimulate awareness and interest by providing the visitors easy access to subscribe to The Body Shop Indonesia. Visitors who are interested in getting more information from The Body Shop Indonesia more likely will subscribe. By doing this, they can get more database on their potential customers. However, the visitor are able to refuse to make subscription by clicking the X button on the top right on the banner. The downside of putting a big banner on the center of the page is that visitors might think it’s annoying. This can cause the visitors to quickly close their website.


After clicking the X button, the homepage of the website will appear. The first thing they publish is about their new skincare products along with special offer on the new skincare line. The objective of doing so is to spread awareness about their new products. Since the website homepage is the first thing the visitors notice, putting their new skincare products on their homepage will be more efficient to spread awareness. Meanwhile, putting the special offered price would encourage interest of the visitor and desire to buy the product.


On the bottom of the page they also provide a chat room for the visitors to contact / chat with the customer service. They provide easy and simple access for the visitors to contact the customer service when they have troubles doing a purchase or have some questions about the products or the special offers.Meanwhile, the menus are located at the top right of the page. Visitors are most likely to notice the top right area of the website. By putting the important menus on that area, The Body Shop Indonesia would want the visitor to have easy access to the information the laid out on their website.



When the visitor scroll down from the page, they can see recommended products with the prices attached on the bottom of the product image. This can encourage action / purchase. Since the information of the product and the price is already in front of the visitors’ eyes. It will be more likely that the visitor will consider to purchase.

The overall of their User Interface is dominated by the color white, black, and green. The colors of their website goes along with their brand image of natural and eco friendly products. They also provide easy access for the visitors to contact them, to subscribe and to purchase by publishing some new products and recommended products that are available to purchase online. However, the user experience or the placement of the chat room and the virtual account make it seems a little bit cluttered. For some visitors, they can consider this to be annoying, making them leave the website right away.