Viral Marketing Video

So, the third meeting of marketing online class was about internet marketing. I learned that internet is really an amazing platform. Internet makes it easier and faster for us to get information. It is fair for me to say that the impact of internet on marketing activities is really huge. Internet provides interactivity, so that marketers are able to communicate to their target and get feedbacks from their targets.

As an example of successful internet marketing video, I am using Devil Baby Attack prank video. This video is actually a trailer/teaser for a movie called Devil’s Due. The video had gone viral, it has more than 50 million views on Youtube and is shared by so many internet users in different platform. The video is also listed by TIME Magazine as the 8th most popular video on Youtube in 2014. After making some analysis, I came to a conclusion why this video had gone viral :

  1. The marketers used a unique way to inform the target about the movie they are selling. Aside from making cut scenes from the movie as the teaser / promotional video like the usual movie trailers, they make prank videos to make viewers more curious about the movie. They also let the viewers to the thrill of the movie.
  2. The marketers of the film are using one of the most popular video genre on Youtube to help informing the target about the movie. Many people are interested in entertainment and comedy. Prank videos provide entertainment to the viewers and it is always fun to see people get scared and surprised, so the video attracts not only horror movie fans but also people who enjoy prank videos.
  3. The marketers let the victims of the prank experience the thrill of the movie and sharing the thrill on the internet for everyone to experience as well.

These are some factors and reasons the video got so many attention. Just to put it out there, all of these reasons are based on my analysis and opinion. It would be nice if I could hear your opinions on this. So, you are more than welcomed to share your opinion and leave a comment!

Thank you for reading!!